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When Choices Are Lost ~ Chapter 7: Hawaii And Beyond

Title: When Choices Are Lost

Author: DiorNicole

Beta: Faithfulwriter‏

Main Characters: Sayid & Shannon

Minor Characters: Ben, Nadia, & Oceanic 6

Pairings: Sayid & Nadia, Sayid & Elsa, Sayid & Shannon
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1585

Disclaimer: Lost is owned by: J.J., Damon Lindelof, Touchstone & ABC. No money being made but after all the work my beta put into this project, I’ll owe her money.

Spoilers: Season 1 – 4

Note: AU (Follows Cannon until “The Economist.”)

Summary: When Choices Are Lost, What Will A Man Do To Get Them Back? (Sayid - Centric)


A/N 1: This Chapter has a shot-out to one of my favorite Shows. I’m not telling which one it is. (Okay, I’ll tell you at the end.)



Chapter 7 (Sayid POV)


Kenneth J. Charvat’s Private Plane ~ Somewhere Over Arizona: Five Hours Later


Four hours into flight I call Sun to let her know we’re okay and that well be arriving in Hawaii in a few hours. And then I call the last person in the world I want to talk to—Benjamin Linus. After the third ring he answers. “Hello Sayid,” I cringe inside every time he says my name. “I take it you and Hurley are safe.”


“We’re safe and so are the others,” The pain in my left arm reminds me of the bullet grazing my arm. “Although, I’m going to need stitches.” I decided to tell Ben what happened before he asks. “When we were leaving the Hospital, some of Widmore’s men were chasing and a bullet grazed my arm.”


“How long before you arrive in Hawaii?” Ben asks me.


I look at my watch and answer, “Five hours.”


“I’ll be waiting.” With that he cuts the connection. And I know Ben will have no problems finding us.





Kauai, Hawaii ~ Hanamaulu Airstrip: Five And A Half Hours Later


Once Hurley and I are off the plane I notice a man standing next to a limo, holding a sign with our name on it. I have no doubt Ben arranged this and more than likely he’s in the car waiting for us. “Who would send a limo to pick us up?” Hurley asks with a curious look on his face. Walking towards the driver, I decided not to answer his question on the off chance that I might be wrong. He takes our bags and opens the door for us.


When we’re both in the driver shuts the door and I find out I was correct. Ben’s sitting on the far side with a black bag next to him. With a smile, “Well hello, Mr. Reyes. It’s wonderful to see you again.”


Hurley’s looking around the car as if Ben was talking to someone else. “Hi, Dude.”


“Sayid, let me look at your arm to see how bad it is.” I move to sit next to Ben and remove my coat and shirt. After looking at my arm for a few minutes, “Four or five butterfly stitches should do.” As he starts to work on my arm I feel the limo start to pull off.


We all grow quiet and it’s Hurley who breaks the silence. “So what happens next?” Turning we both look at Ben for an answer.


“While you were making your way here; I called Widmore and told him he needed to be in Alaska in a week and he told me he would be there in four days. He was also rather pissed with you, Sayid—said something about killing one of his men and almost killing anther one.” Ben says the last part with a harsh laugh and looks at me for a response. When none is given he continues to talk and work on my arm.


“I’ve made arrangements for us all. Our flight leaves at 7:30 am and there will be a car there at 5:30 to pick everyone up. Once we arrive in Anchorage…”


Hurley cuts Ben off asking, “Anchorage as in Alaska?” He nods his head in conformation. “I think I’m going to need a bigger coat.”


“You’ll have time to shop for whatever you need tonight.” Ben taps my arm and when I look down and see he’s finished. I grab my bag and pull out a clean shirt and remind myself that I also will have to do some shopping.


“Once in Anchorage, we’ll be taking a small private plane to Dutch Harbor in Unalaska. We have an appointment to meet with a Captain by the name of Phil Harris. From what I’ve heard he’s the best of the best.”


I feel the limo stop and look up to see we’re sitting in front of a house. A few moments later I see Sun walk out the door and Hurley’s face lights up. “Okay dude, shopping for warm clothes, 5:30am pick-up, Alaska – cold and meeting with a Captain. Is that everything?” Ben just nods his head and Hurley practically jumps out the car and runs towards Sun.


As I move to get out of the car Ben calls my name. I stop without turning, “Your journey is almost over.” And without looking back I step out the car. Yes, my journey is almost over but I wonder what’s waiting on the other side for me.





Dutch Harbor – Unalaska, Alaska ~ The Fishing Hook Lounge: Three Days Later


After almost three days of travel we arrive in Dutch Harbor. We checked into the only motel in town so we could rest and plan out our next move. It was decided that Ben, Sun and I would meet with Captain Harris. Jack and Hurley would stay to help Kate with Aaron.


Standing outside the Fishing Hook Lounge, I really don’t now what I should except of a man who would arrange a meeting in a place like this. Walking through the door, the three of us stand out. All talking in the bar stops and everyone turns to look at us. I feel Sun move closer to me and again I wonder what kind of man would do business here.


Deep gravelly voice starts talking. “I believe they’re looking for me.” With that everyone returns to what they were doing previously and the three of us head for table where the Captain is sitting. His wearing a black hoodie with the selves pushed up and blue jeans. Short graying blond hair and blue eyes and he looks to be in his early fifties. “Sit, I won’t bite.” He says going back to drinking his beer.


Looking at each other we decide to take a chance because it’s now or never. Lighting a cigarette, he sits quietly just staring at us each in turn. Eventually, Ben starts to speak. “We need a Captain who’s willing to take us to the edge of the Bering Sea and you came highly recommend amongst your peers.”


“Did I now? I been there once and it’s nothing out there,” I can tell he knows more than he’s letting on. “So, what are you looking for anyway?”


That’s the response Ben was expecting but he keeps going. “A research facility,” He sits a piece of paper on the table with the latitude and longitude of our destination. “It’s called, ‘The Tundra Station’. Our supply ship left six weeks ago and we lost contact with the ship and station about four weeks ago. The others and I, ten in total, were sent to find out what happened.” If I didn’t know Ben, I probably would have believed his story.


“No need to lie to me,” Our Captain eyed him; he doesn’t believe him either. “A ship that big, doesn’t just disappear out here and no one knows anything. No call for help. It makes no difference to me. How much you willing to pay and when will you be ready?”


“Five million and we will be ready by tomorrow afternoon when the last three people get into town.” Ben sits the black bag he had with him on the table. Captain Harris, unzips it and gives it a once over before he closes it again. I wonder from time to time where Ben gets so much money to just throw around but at the moment I don’t really care.


Finishing the last of his beer and cigarette he stands and drops a few bills on the table. “Cornelia Marie, she’s docked at pier 18. If you not ready by 3:00 pm, we leave the next day.” With bag in hand he starts walking towards the door.


As we walk out I ask Ben what time will they be there here tomorrow.


“Noon.”  He replies, avoiding my gaze. I sigh silently. I’m not looking forward to spending any more time than necessary with Ben and Widmore.





Dutch Harbor – Pier 18 ~ Loading the Cornelia Marie: Three Days Later


We arrive at noon while Captain Harris and his crew were still loading the ship. Looking at my watch, I notice its noon and there’s still no word from Widmore, Penny or Desmond.


After loading our luggage and getting Kate and Aaron settled, an hour has passed and I decide to go outside and see if I see anyone. Walking past the room Sun and Kate are sharing, I see Sun just coming out the door with her coat on and she decides to join me outside.


We stand on the dock enjoy the peacefulness of the day not knowing when we might enjoy anther.


“The two of you, sure have become close lately.” We turn to look at Ben but before either of us can respond when here yelling coming towards us. We turn around and see that Widmore and the others have arrived.


“I’m not getting on that thing.” Ben walks and stands in front us, “Is this the best you could do Benjamin Linus?” Widmore asks hatefully.


This is going to be a long trip. “You don’t have to come at all, Charles Widmore.”


“You can fight on your own time,” Captain Harris voice floats down from the ship, “but were leaving now. Forecaster’s are predicting a big storm’s gonna hit Dutch in a few hours and I don’t want to be any where near it.” And he walks back into the wheelhouse.


“This isn’t over Linus,” Then Widmore turns to look at me, “That goes for you to Sayid.” Widmore turns on his heel towards the ship. Penny and Desmond speak and will decide to catch up once they settle in.


Walking to the ship myself now, I realize that my journey is truly almost over.



TBC……………….Enter Lost Music




A/N 3: Favorite Show ~ Deadliest Catch

          Favorite Boat ~ Cornelia Marie

          Favorite Captain ~ Phil Harris

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