Aurilly (aurilly) wrote in sayid_shannon,

Old Shayid Fic

I only just found this comm for my OTP! I can't wait to dive into all the old Shayid. In the meanwhile, here's fic I've written for this pairing. All have a PG13 rating.

A Day at the Beach
Characters: Shannon & Sayid
Summary: Shannon and Sayid meet on the beach in LA (reset fic jossed by season 6)

Smile for the Camera

Characters: Shannon, Sayid, Sun and others
Summary: An AU in which Shannon was on the helicopter at the end of season 4 (basically, there's an Oceanic 7).

Sayid Appreciation Day
Characters: Shannon & Ensemble
Summary: Shannon organizes a surprise party for Sayid.

The Third Man
Characters: Miles & Ensemble
Summary: Even though he never met her, Miles helps Shannon and Sayid gain closure.

Characters: Shannon & Sayid
Summary: Shannon gets distracted by Sayid's accent.
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