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When Choices Are Lost ~ Chapter 5: Detailed Surveillance


Title: When Choices Are Lost
Author: DiorNicole
Beta: Faithfulwriter
Main Characters: Sayid & Shannon
Minor Characters: Ben, Nadia, & Oceanic 6
Pairings: Sayid & Nadia, Sayid & Elsa, Sayid & Shannon
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1556
Disclaimer: Lost is owned by: J.J., Damon Lindelof, Touchstone & ABC. No money being made, but after the work my co-author & beta put into this project, I’ll own them money.
Spoilers: Season 1 - 4
Note: AU (Follows Cannon until “The Economist.”)
Summary: When Choices Are Lost, What Will A Man Do To Get Them Back? (Sayid - Centric)



Chapter 5 (Sayid POV)


California ~ Outside Of Santa Rosa Mental Health: The Same Day


After leaving Kate and Jack we went back to Sun’s Hotel so she could pack her things and go stay with Kate. It was our way of making sure she didn’t change her mind. My attentions were to go and pack my own things and go take a look around the Hospital.


When I first arrive at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute everything seems to be okay but I decide to sit for an hour or so just to make sure. Right when I was planning to leave, I noticed a dark figure moving in the trees. At first I assumed it was just a patient trying to break out. As I watch it, I notice it was not trying to run away but pacing in the same spot. I watched the figure continue to pace for about 45 minutes before I decided to go see if I could find anything out.


Quietly, I walk through the trees surrounding the Hospital trying to get close enough to the person to see if I could find out any information. When I started to get closer, I could hear a male voice talking to someone. I continue to move until I’m close enough to hear him without being seen.


Reyes is still in the nut Hospital and none the wiser I’ve been watching him for the last week.” I wish I could hear the other side of his conversation but I’ll have to be satisfied with what I can hear.


So, when does Widmore want me to grab the fatso?” Sun was right things have changed very suddenly. This is not good at all.


I wonder what’s so special about these people. I’m not complaining but we’re going through a lot of trouble just to watch them.” He starts to laugh. “I know man I wish I had Sanchez’s post to. That Austen chick is a sweet piece. The things I could do to her.” They were watching Kate and Aaron, also. I have to get the four of them out of the country now.


He just needs to grab the three he already has locations on and smoke the rest out.” He’s silent again. “It’s all crazy if you ask me. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I know we at least have a few more days. They want locations for us all before they decide to take us hostage. It’s a pretty safe bet that they don’t know Jack and Sun are with Kate now.


With that knowledge I make my way back to the car so I can go prepare myself for this trip. As I head away from the Hospital, I call Sun to warn her about this new development. The phone rings several times before Sun answers. “Hello.” She sounds out of breath.


Is everything okay, Sun?” I’m starting to get nervous now. “Everything is okay. I was just playing with Aaron while Kate packs. What is wrong Sayid?”


There’s no easy way to tell her all I have found out. “Widmore has people watching Hurley, Kate and Aaron. And there trying to locate the rest of us.”


How did you find out?” I can hear Sun walking around. Before I can answer her question she starts to talk again. “Sayid, wait until I go in the room with the others that way you will not have to repeat yourself.” Sun’s tells Jack and Kate the information I gave her so far. “You’re on the speaker phone now; you can start.”


I tell them what I saw and overheard. “Widmore has us under detailed surveillance. At least, half of us.”


There all deathly quietly. I understand what there feeling. “This is not good Sayid. What are we going to do?” Jack asks.


There’s not much we can do. Soon, they will realize that Kate and Aaron are not alone. We’ve been lucky so far that they haven’t noticed the two of you yet but I don’t hold hope that will last much longer.” I have a plan but I don’t know how we’re going to make it work. “I want the four of you gone tonight.”


I still haven’t finish packing for Aaron and myself,” Kate tells everyone. “I can’t just drop everything and run off in the middle of the night!”


Kate that might be the only way to keeps us all safe,” Sun tells her.


None of you can take an Oceanic flight to Hawaii. It will draw to much attention to you. And Widmore could start checking the flight records.” I don’t know how many options that leaves them but we have to find a way.


I have an idea, Sayid” I can hear Sun smiling through the phone. “I have a Business Associate who lives here in California. He owns a private jet.” I let that hope creep up. We might just be able to pull this off. “I will call to find out if he's in the states and if he can fly us to Hawaii.”


Make the call Sun. If he can't maybe he can send you to someone who can. That solves one problem. You still have to find away to get to the airport unnoticed.” The hope left again. It was starting to make me nauseous, the way it creeped up and down my throat like vile.


I have an idea.” Finally, Kate’s trying to be helpful. “One of my neighbors has a mini van. She works near the Airport. Maybe I can convince her to take us.”


At least we have something that resembles a plan. “Make it happen. Call me once the arrangements have been made.”


How are you and Hurley going to get to Hawaii?” Jack reminds me that I still have to find a way to get to there.


Don't worry we'll get there.” I just don't know how yet. “I'm going to pack and go back to the Hospital. Once I know the four of you are safe, I'll get Hurley and make my way to Hawaii.”


I can hear Sun taking her phone off the speaker. “Be safe. Sayid. We need you.”


I’ll try my best to stay safe.” Now it’s my turn to figure out a way to get to Hawaii.




California ~ Outside Of Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute: Two Hours Later


Once I return to the Hospital I check the perimeter once more but find no one. The absence of surveillance and not hearing any word from Sun has me extremely worried.


Don't worry they’re fine, Sayid. Sun will be calling you soon.” When I turned to face Shannon she has a bottle of nail polish preparing to give herself a manicure. I learned very early on that this is Shannon's way of dealing with things.


Are you okay, Shannon?”


She looks at me and with an eye roll continues to paint her nails. “I'm fine, Sayid.” This means she’s not. “Okay, maybe I'm not fine but it really doesn't matter right now because we have bigger problems.”


I'm torn between wanting to know what’s wrong with her and what our bigger problems are. With a sigh I ask Shannon, “What are our problems?”


Without taking any attention away from her manicure, she starts to talk. “Sun and the others are going to make it to Hawaii without any problems. It's you and Hurley that I'm worrying about.” That seems to be something everyone's worried about lately. “Widmore has an idea of what you’re trying to do and he’s not happy about it.”


I wonder how he found out about my plans. Shannon’s quiet for a few minutes while she finishes her nails then she turns so she’s facing me. “The man’s not stupid, Sayid. Right now he only has an idea but in a few hours he’ll know.”


How will he find out?” I ask wondering if there something any of us can do to buy more time.


Shannon just shakes her head no to my silent thought before she starts talking again. “He’s was watching Kate and Hurley. In about an hour their flight will be taking off and they’re going to notice that Kate’s gone. Once that happens, the man you saw earlier will be coming back to make sure Hurley’s still here.”


I have less than an hour to figure out how to get Hurley and myself to the safe house.


I have idea if you want to hear it.” I just smile at her in response. “He’ll be watching all the airports here in California. There’s a small private airport in Red Rock, Nevada. Once you get there it won’t be hard to find; there’s really nothing else in the town.”


The man you need to see is named Brad Atkinson. If the price is right, he’ll fly you anywhere you want to go. If you drive all night you can get there before Widmore finds you guys.”


Shannon opens the car door preparing to leave with a guilty smile on her face. “What is it that you’re not telling me?"


Brad and I might have dated once.” And with that shes gone.


Well...isn’t this just great?


TBC…………………………Enter Lost Music

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