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When Choices Are Lost ~ Chapter 8: It's A Good Dream

Title: When Choices Are Lost

Author: DiorNicole

Beta: Faithfulwriter‏

Main Characters: Sayid & Shannon

Minor Characters: Ben, Nadia, & Oceanic 6

Pairings: Sayid & Nadia, Sayid & Elsa, Sayid & Shannon
Rating: PG-13
Words: 908

Disclaimer: Lost is owned by: J.J., Damon Lindelof, Touchstone & ABC. No money being made but after all the work my beta put into this project, I’ll owe her money.

Spoilers: Season 1 – 4

Note: AU (Follows Cannon until “The Economist.”)  

Summary: When Choices Are Lost, What Will A Man Do To Get Them Back? (Sayid - Centric)


A/N 1: This Chapter is dedicated to my wonderful beta: Faithfulwriter. Without her none of this would be possible. This was my first time writing anything longer than an e-mail, let alone a FanFic. With Faithfulwriter’s help, I turned a dream into reality. So thanks and this is for you.


A/N 2: This chapter has a shot out to one of my favorite movies. (I’ll tell you at the end.)






Chapter 8 (Sayid POV)


Cornelia Marie: On Deck ~ Somewhere On The Bering Sea: A Week Later

 Last night after dinner, Captain Harris informed us we should be arriving at our coordinates by tomorrow. It was great to know we would be off the ship soon. The last seven days have left much to be desired. We’ve been stuck in the major storm system on the Bering Sea and we’re all suffering from sea sickness. And with constant arguments between Widmore and Ben, small quarters and an irritable child, I don’t believe any of us except for maybe the crew could handle it for much longer.

In need of some fresh air and privacy, I head for the deck where I find the ocean had finally calmed and for once it’s not raining. The stars are beautiful out here and it reminds me of sitting on the beach with Shannon trying to teach her the names of the constellations. 


After years of trying to find forgiveness, meeting Shannon made me realize I first needed to forgive myself. She made me want to be a better person; a better man—and for awhile, I was.   Losing everything changes how a man looks at the world. I was no longer a Torturer but an Assassin—which suited me just fine until Shannon made an appearance in my life again. Even as a spirit, she still has the ability to make me want to be a better person.


The door opens and Sun joins me on deck. We stand quietly observing the stars. “Has Shannon made any appearances lately?”


“No. I feel her presence around me but I believe she’s choosing not show herself.”


Sun’s face blossoms into a warm smile. “I dreamed of Jin a few nights ago,” Looking at her I don’t see any anger or sadness; just a peacefulness that was not there when we start on this long journey.  “He came to say goodbye.”


“I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for us but I just wanted to say thank you.

I couldn’t have done this without you.”


“Good night, Sayid.” Sun gives me a warm hug and heads back towards her room. I gaze at the stars for a few more moments before heading to my own room.      



 Cornelia Marie: Sayid’s State Room ~ Somewhere On The Bering Sea: An Hour Later


Sleep is hard to find once the rain and wind starts again. At times it feels as if the ship will capsize and send us all to a watery grave. In the moments between being awake and being sleep, I hear a soft voice. “Go to sleep...” Knowing Shannon’s with me, I finally fall to sleep.

LOST ~ Dream ~ LOST

Becoming increasing uncomfortable, I turn so I’m lying on my back. When I first fell asleep, my room was cool but comfortable. The temperature has risen by at least 30 degrees. When I open my eyes, Shannon’s smiling down at me. 


“I am asleep.” Looking around, I see that I’m no longer on the ship but back on the island. I’m lying on the beach, with Shannon sitting next to me. I can tell it’s mid-day with the heat from the sun. “This is a dream.”

Bending down she kisses my softly. “Then it’s good dream. Sleep…”


She kisses me once more before she stands and walks towards the edge of the ocean. Knowing Shannon’s so close, I’m unable to keep my eyes closed. Standing, I walk towards where she’s standing and wrap my arms around her. We sway gently to a tune that neither of us can hear. 


“I’ve missed you Shannon.” I feel her tense at my words and hold her tighter. “What’s wrong?”


“It’s time,” Turning around in my arms, Shannon lays her head on my shoulder. “I have to go back.”


“No!” I knew this time would come, just not so soon. “I need…”


Shannon hushes me, resting her fingers on my lips. “You don’t need me. This is your journey, Sayid. It’s all up to you now.”


Moving her fingers from my lips, I twine our fingers together and place them over my heart. “I love you Shannon.” 


“I love you. More than you’ll ever know.” Shannon looks directly into my eyes before she starts talking again. “When the time comes Sayid, you’re going to have to make a choice. Just remember whatever decision you make, I’ll always love you.”


“What are you talking about, Shannon?” She moves our hands, so there resting on her heart. 


“I can’t say more than that; just trust me.” With one final kiss from Shannon; she moves out of my arms and starts to walk towards the jungle. Before she walks past me completely, she stops and whispers softly in my ear, “I’ll always love you.”


I continue to look out at the ocean as Shannon walks away. I know that if I turn to watch her, I never let her go. “I’ll always love you, Shannon.”

LOST ~ Dream ~ LOST

I wake with a jolt. At first I’m disoriented trying to place my surroundings. It takes a few moments before I realize I’m on the ship. A loud knock pulls me from my thoughts. I grab my pants and make my way to the door. I open the door and find Hurley standing there.


“You okay, Dude? I’ve been knocking for the last 10 minutes.” 


“I’m fine, Hurley.” Looking down at my watch, it’s seven thirty in the morning. “Is there something you wanted?”


“Captain Phil said we should be at the coordinates within the hour.” He says with an excitement in his voice. I smile slightly. This is very good news. 


“I’ll pack and meet everyone on the deck.” Hurley just gives me a big smile and walks toward his room. It’s almost over.


TBC………………………….Enter Lost Music




A/N 3: Movie ~ The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

          Scene ~ When Aragorn dreams about Arwen.

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